RD “Randy” Riccoboni’s Interview with Evelyn Brooks



RD Riccoboni, or Randy to his friends, is an innovative, self-taught artist who began painting at age four. Happy colors are the trademark of this Southern California artist, who boldly paints spectacular landmarks in an exciting impressionistic style, as well as other subjects (see his self-portrait here). His popular Beacon Artworks Gallery received “The Peninsula 2012 Readers Choice Award” for best gallery in San Diego.  Randy is author of The Big Picture: The Seven Step Guide for Creative Success in Business, San Diego Paintings by RD Riccoboni: Collector’s Portfolio, My Balboa Park Art Book, RD Riccoboni: From Old Town to New Town, San Diego Paintings, Rainbow Nation: Paintings from the Gay Community and the upcoming Art Traveler Guide to Balboa Park, which is a collaborative project with the nonprofit SOHO (Save Our Heritage Organization). www.rdriccoboni.com

RD’s interview broadcast at the Your Dream World Summit in August of 2012. Click here for sample interview questions from Evelyn’s blog!

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