Mat Boggs’s Interview with Dream Summit Host Evelyn Brooks



Mat Boggs has dedicated his life to increasing love in the world one heart at a time and helping others achieve their dreams.  Mat co-authored the best-selling book Project Everlasting: Two Bachelors Discover the Secrets of America’s Greatest Marriages.  He’s appeared on dozens of national media venues including The Today Show, CNN Headline News, Fox News, CNN Showbiz Tonight, ABC Family and The Style Netork. Mat also took part in an international peace symposium with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. As a highly sought after speaker, relationship coach, and certified LifeSuccess consultant, Mat helps people all over the country understand the hearts and minds of men, create major breakthroughs in love, and attract the relationship they want.  and

This interview broadcast at the Your Dream World Summit in August of 2012. Click here for the pre-interview blog with sample interview questions.

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