Jasmine Tommaso’s Interview with Life Coach Evelyn Brooks



Jasmine Tommaso spent her early childhood in Rome but moved to California at age fourteen to continue her studies in music. Her passion for singing started when she was a little girl, and her voice and piano lessons began at age nine. Jazz music quickly became a love for the young singer, who performed in plays in California and also events and festivals in Rome, where she was accompanied by well known musicians including Danilo Rea, Amedeo Tommasi, Roberto Gatto, Michael Rosen, Rita Marcotulli, Anthony Pinciotti, Daniel Bacalov, Daniele Scannapieco, Stefano Bollani and many more. Three years ago, Jasmine began writing and composing her own music. She currently lives in Los Angeles. www.jasminetommaso.com

Evelyn’s interview with Jasmine Tommaso interview was broadcast at the Your Dream World Summit in August of 2012. Click here to see sample interview questions!

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