Allana Pratt’s Interview with Dream Summit Host Evelyn Brooks:

“For Men: Your Dream of Getting Her to Say Yes


Allana Pratt embodies “Living Sexily” — loving exactly who you are, being unapologetically radiant so your relationships thrive and your family flourishes. Author of How To Be And Stay Sexy for women, The Missing Handbook to Motherhood for moms and Get Her To Say Yes for men, she’s been featured as an intimacy expert on CBS, TLC, FOX & The Ricki Lake Show website. People reports that as a booked-solid relationship coach, Allana was the first person Leeza Gibbons called for coaching when she signed on with Dancing with the Stars. Let her awaken your most fabulous YOU at, Twitter @allanapratt & FB

This interview broadcast at the Your Dream World Summit on August 5, 2012. Click here to read Evelyn’s pre-interview blog with sample questions.

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